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HTML VizCreator Cert Power BI

HTML VizCreator Cert

With the HTML VizCreator Cert, you can add dynamically formatted text and other basic HTML elements (KPI cards, tables, GIFs etc.) to your Power BI reports. The HTML VizCreator Cert custom visual is Microsoft certified, which means it is safe to use and can be exported to PDF and PowerPoint.

HTML VizCreator Flex Power BI

HTML VizCreator Flex

The HTML VizCreator Flex custom Visual for Power BI extends the functionality of the HTML VizCreator Cert. It has full CSS support and allows to access external sources. This lets the user create nearly endless different visualizations and also embed videos, images, websites, and other elements from the internet.

Balance Sheet Visual

Balance Sheet Visual

The Balance Sheet Visual for Power BI makes it possible to display Balance Sheet data in a very easy-to-understand way. The visual offers many formatting options to make sure the Balance Sheet looks exactly as expected. It also allows the user to drill down into details if needed.