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Font Family

While creating the content for your reports you can think of enriching the graphics with the right text. This will make the overall look and feel more attractive and boost the aesthetic value of your content.

The adequate font may also increase the level of professionalism in your reports if your organization utilizes a predefined style of communication.

With the HTML VizCreator custom visuals, we give you the possibility to use your own preferred choice of font while native Power BI functionality is limited to a certain number of options. You can simply style any text by defining a specific font family to be applied to it and update the HTML code accordingly.

The sample report will give you more examples of how to use different fonts.

Please note that since the HTML VizCreator CERT is Microsoft certified, it can't access the internet and can therefore not display Google Fonts. The VizCreator Flex, on the other hand, can also display any of the hundreds of Google Fonts.

Next up, you could learn how to dynamically change the font size.