Our Story

BI Samurai is a Switzerland-based company that was established in 2016.

Our team of experts is specialized in the implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. While our main focus is Microsoft Power BI, we also work with other tools and technologies such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Azure, Tableau, and many more.

We have worked on enterprise-wide implementation projects but also supported friendly neighborhood companies with our solutions. Our clients are working in all industries, can be big or small, and are located across the globe. Due to this experience, we can help in any kind of Power BI project.

When the company was founded in 2016 by Pascal Kiefer, it was initially called K Team Solutions Ltd. After running the company for a few years, switching from SAP to Microsoft, it became clear that the huge potential of Power BI can't be met by only one person. So, the team had to grow. This is when BI Samurai was born. To extend the team, K Team Solutions partnered with small companies. This way, more projects could be handled at the same time. After nearly 2 years of running BI Samurai on the side, it became clear that K Team Solutions needs to make room for BI Samurai and in 2022, the company was officially rebranded. While we still work with our partners, our internal team is also growing.

We have a lot of ideas and plans for the future so we are here to stay! BI is our passion and we love what we do.


How BI Samurai Works

Working with BI Samurai is simple and fun. We truly want to help our clients make the best out of their data. We don't create nice-looking slides and tell you what should/could be done, we actually get stuff done!

Due to our experience with many different clients & projects, we know exactly how to approach any kind of project.

After a potential client reaches out to us, we usually kick things off with a friendly "get to know" meeting to have a chat and learn more about the client's needs. In most cases, this meeting already turns into a kick-off and we get to work as soon as possible. Sometimes, the onboarding takes a bit longer due to complex processes on the client's side but either way, we're always happy and ready to get to work.

We actually offer our "Getting to know BI Samurai" meetings for anybody without any sort of obligations. If you want to know more, simply contact BI Samurai.

BI Samurais

More information about us can be found in the BI Samurai blog

If you want to specifically learn from us, the BI Samurai YouTube channel is a good place to start

BI Samurais

Where we are

The company is registered in Switzerland and is officially located in Olten, Switzerland. But, we don't have our own office location. Instead, we mostly work from home, from co-working places, or from other places. We've established the work-from-home policy right from the beginning when the company was founded. This means we all have a great home-office infrastructure and are used to working this way.

Of course, if our clients need us at their office, we're more than happy to commute.

Open Jobs

We're always on the lookout for talented people that are passionate about BI.

So, if you know Power BI, Tableau, Azure, SQL, Power Apps or simply enjoy working with data, we want to meet you. There are a few simple rules to follow when applying for a job at BI Samurai.

Because we are also developing our own custom visuals, implement Power BI Embedded and Web Apps, we also need more and more programming skills in our team.

Let's have a friendly chat, just contact BI Samurai and we can talk about if you are a good fit.

Our Partners

We are strengthening our team with the following partners

Embedsy Logo

Embedsy is providing top-class integration of data analytics into any software using industry-proven technology from Microsoft. By embedding reporting directly into the tools that are used to run a business, the users gain a lot more insights because they see the data exactly where they need to see it. 

Enterprise DNA Logo

Enterprise DNA is an online education platform that teaches Power BI to analysts, data enthusiasts, and organizations looking to upskill their employees. Our clients are located in every part of the world. Our vision is to help Power BI users optimize the way they create, analyze, and utilize their reports.


Zebra BI specializes in the visualization of data according to IBCS. This can be done with Custom Visuals for Power BI and an Excel add-in. Zebra BI is easy to use and therefore very popular. As an official partner, we offer the implementation of Zebra BI from A to Z as well as trainings and support.


AnalyticsCreator automates the whole life-cycle of a data warehouse:

the design, the development, the deployment and the change process. With a short training, a team is able to manage data for all analytical needs with minimum effort. Clients gain significant time & cost reduction, lower project risks, higher transparency, safety compliance and more.

The outcome is a fully generated code for the Microsoft Azure Analytics stack, instead of programming manually.