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HTML p, span, div and other tags explained

Having an understanding of the difference between <p>, <div>, <span> and other HTML tags makes working with our HTML VizCreator visuals for Power BI much easier.


There's no need to be an HTML & CSS expert to work with our visuals. Actually, most users don't write any code from scratch but start by downloading our sample reports to find the desired element and then simply change the code according to their needs.

This is where you can download the sample reports:

But, nevertheless, having a general understanding of the most important HTML tags helps to work with the visuals. In this article, we want to show you some of the tags that are often used. In the video, we show you the difference between the header tags, the paragraph tag and some other HTML containers and also mention why we actually don't use them in most cases. We prefer to use the div and span tags which offer us the full flexibility as they contain little to no predefined format so we are the ones in control over how they are formatted.

Now that you know the difference between some of the most important HTML tags, why not learn the basics about HTML tables or how to work with colors?