Discover Your Next Favorite Movie with Our Power BI Report

By BI Samurai | 14 January 2024

Stuck endlessly scrolling through movie selections? Unsure of what to watch next? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation – a […]

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BI Samurai - Dashboard in a Day

Dashboard In A Day by BI Samurai

By BI Samurai | 20 December 2023

BI Samurai is excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft in hosting Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) workshops. These hands-on training sessions are designed to […]

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Best Power BI Visual

HTML VizCreator – The best visuals for Power BI

By BI Samurai | 1 December 2023

Learn why the HTML VizCreator Visuals for Power BI stand out as a pinnacle of innovation and functionality. Tailored for those seeking the “Best Power […]

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Power BI Schweiz mith BI Samurai

Power BI Schweiz: BI Samurai – Ihr Wegweiser zur Datenrevolution

By BI Samurai | 1 December 2023

In einer Welt, die von Daten angetrieben wird, ist die Fähigkeit, diese effektiv zu nutzen, entscheidend für den Geschäftserfolg. BI Samurai, eine aufstrebende Kraft im […]

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Bridger – Phone Calls and Emails directly from Power BI

By BI Samurai | 4 May 2023

With the Bridger it is possible to make phone calls and send emails directly from Power BI.   This product is designed to enhance Power […]

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Power BI Center of Excellence

By BI Samurai | 23 March 2023

Businesses today are generating more data than ever before, and they need tools to make sense of it all. Microsoft Power BI is the tool […]

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HTML VizCreator Cert Power BI

Accessibility – Dynamic Font Size in Power BI

By BI Samurai | 30 August 2022

We have all heard the notion “One size fits all” and might have probably wondered what its implications might be in our lives. At first […]

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Microsoft Certificate for the HTML VizCreator Cert

By BI Samurai | 12 August 2022

The HTML VizCreator Cert Visual is now certified by Microsoft. This is one of the most important milestones for any Power BI Visual. The Microsoft […]

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Why BI Samurais work from home

By BI Samurai | 11 June 2022

We always had a work-from-home policy   At BI Samurai, we didn’t start working from home when Covid hit. Our work-from-home policy has been in […]

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Power BI Championship Switzerland – #PBIChampsCH

By BI Samurai | 8 June 2022

Update: BI Samurai Pascal became 3rd! Many very talented people were taking part in this event and the competition was very tough. Therefore, we are […]

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