Webinar - Creating pixel-perfect invoices in Power BI

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What this webinar is about

In this webinar, we will show you that Power BI is not only an analytics tool but can actually be used for other business processes as well. We'll specifically focus on creating invoices with Power BI.

Issuing invoices is a standard process in nearly every company. Maybe this is done in Word/Excel or with a dedicated tool or web service. Depending on the setup, more or less manual work is needed every month.

In many cases, the data needed to issue invoices should already be available in Power BI. So why not use Power BI to generate these invoices and Power Automate to automatically send them via PDF? In the past, this was only doable with paginated reports, a tool that most companies don't use because of missing know-how.

In this webinar, we'll recreate the sample invoice sample invoice below by first creating an invoice in Excel and then importing the Excel template into Power BI and linking it to the HTML VizCreator Flex custom visual. We will then make the invoice fully dynamic by using DAX measures.

We will also show you how to automatically create PDF invoices (even with the non-certified HTML VizCreator Flex).

Because uncertified visuals are not allowed in many companies, we will also show a quick example of how the same kind of invoice can be created with the Microsoft-certified HTML VizCreator Cert, which will make the PDF export even easier.

What you will learn:

Automate the manual process of creating invoices

Automatically create PDF invoices and send them via email

Bring an Excel file into Power BI and link it to the data model

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The report that we will recreate


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