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Make smarter, data-driven decisions that lead to success.

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What you get:

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Clear Insights

Turn raw data into actionable reports for a clearer, bigger picture.

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Informed Decisions

Give your business the power of data-driven insights to make sharp business decisions.

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Strategic Growth

Ensure your company's long-term success by leveraging the power of information.

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EMPOWER your business with custom visuals for Power BI

HTML VizCreator Cert

HTML VizCreator Flex

Balance Sheet Visual


A fully automated solution to show everything that is going on in a Power BI tenant. This is a must-have tool for every Power BI admin.

The Bridger allows you to make phone calls and send emails directly from Power BI reports.

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Brian Julius about the HTML VizCreator Cert

The Do-Everything Visual!

This is the certified version of the HTML VizCreator visual that has become one of my go-to custom visuals. The flexibility of this visual is incredible, and with the free tools, templates and videos that BI Samurai provides, you barely have to know any HTML . The customer support is top-notch too. Highly recommended!

Fernan Espejo

Fernan Espejo about the HTML VizCreator Cert

The most flexible HTML custom visual I've ever seen

The default visuals in Power BI have a lot of formatting limitations and if you know a little bit about HTML, this custom visual provides a lot of cool ways to create your own custom HTML visual! I'm currently trying to create an HTML table here to replace the default ones as it gives me so much control over the visual presentation and so far it's been a great experience. If you know or have worked with HTML in the past, definitely get this visual.

Manfred Kienberger about working with BI Samurai

BI Samurai's impressive skills include their knowledge

As a result of this project, we have received positive feedback from users. BI Samurai offers agile project management with daily stand-up meetings and sprint planning. Moreover, they're open to the know-how transfer and have impressive BI knowledge, flexibility, and reporting skills.

Ebenezer Sarfo

Ebenezer S. Adu about the HTML VizCreator Cert

A must use visual

This visual must be a compulsory visual and must be pinned to your native visual. Makes your report come alive by giving flexibility and more options in your report.

Steven Doherty

Steven Doherty about the HTML VizCreator Cert

A must have visual to take your reports to the next level

Every report requires some form of commentary in it. I found this to be the most straightforward and flexible visual for combining rich text, pictures and video into a Power BI Report, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Also, the pricing model for the Pro version is both reasonable and sensible for businesses and developers!

Federico Pastor

Federico Pastor about the HTML VizCreator Cert

HTML & CSS - What a tool!!

Excellent visual, easy to use and plenty of applications. I love it.

Dennis Heinzmann

Dennis Heinzmann about working with BI Samurai

Tolle Zusammenarbeit

Tolle Zusammenarbeit mit sehr guten Ansprechpartnern. Extrem hohes Know-How und proaktiver Support bei komplexen Anwendungen. Vielen Dank für die gute Zusammenarbeit!

Rene Fila about working with BI Samurai

They have a suitable solution for every problem

BI Samurai has taught extensive knowledge on data reporting and analysis. We are now able to create our own reports and effectively compare data to draw conclusions. BI Samurai addresses issues during virtual meetings with us and provides prompt resolution.

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