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Embed a website into Power BI

Did you know that you can embed an entire website into your Power BI report?

The HTML VizCreator Flex custom visual for Power BI allows you to embed HTML content, including websites, directly within your reports. Embedding websites can be a useful way to provide additional context or information to your report viewers without requiring them to navigate away from the report. Here's how to embed websites in a Power BI report using the HTML VizCreator Flex custom visual:

Please note that this solution might not fully work, depending on the complexity of the website you are trying to embed and security settings because Power BI custom visuals are restricted in functionality.

This is what the measure could look like:

Website= "<iframe src='' style='position: fixed; width:100%; height:100%'></iframe>"

Replace with the URL of the website you want to embed. You can also adjust the width and height values as needed.

Simply download the sample report to see the DAX/HTML code which is used to embed a website.

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