BI Services: Meet the Modern Samurais

We are a team of highly skilled experts in the field of business intelligence. While each member has a unique background, we share the same unwavering passion for data, Power BI and Microsoft Fabric. Just as Samurais of old had bushido, we have Power BI. It may be our weapon of choice, but it's not the only string to our bow. We wield other tools with the same mastery, including Power Apps, Power Automate, SQL, Azure, and more. With the discipline, precision, and relentless pursuit of excellence that defined the legendary Samurais, we stand ready to elevate your business to new heights.

Power BI Implemention

To give your business a katana-sharp edge, you need Power BI solution cut out just for you. Whether starting from scratch or seeking to improve your existing reporting system, our expertise in creating state-of-the-art reporting solutions for companies of all sizes is at your disposal. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can work with any data source, provide helpful tips and tricks, and solve all issues that might pop up.

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Data Warehouse Implementation

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A well-working data warehouse is critical for BI projects. We're here to help you find the best fit and handle the setup. The BI Samurai team has worked with various tools and knows exactly what you need. If your project is on the smaller side, you might not even need a full-blown data warehouse, which means saving on costs. With your best interest at heart, we ensure you get only the tools you really need – nothing more.

Data Visualization

Data visualization comes in many forms, but we have the know-how to pick what's best for you. Our reports allow anyone on your team to make smart business decisions – without head-scratching. Plus, we've got you covered with mobile-friendly options, too, so your data looks great on any device. It's all about making your data informative and a breeze to understand and act on.

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Power BI Embedded

With Power BI Embedded, you can easily add your Power BI reports and dashboards to your website or app. By doing that, you deliver compelling data experiences for your end users, enabling them to make smarter business decisions based on insights from your solution's data.

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Performance Optimization

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Slow reports can be frustrating for business users who want to dive into details quickly. Fixing such reports can be tricky since there could be several reasons for the slow performance. But don't worry, we've got your back. We have ample experience dealing with such issues, so we know exactly where to look to ensure your reports run smoothly. With quick and efficient reports, you can keep your users happy and productive.

KPI Definition

Before implementing a reporting solution that adds value to the business, we must first define the correct KPIs. Having worked across various industries, we understand the key figures driving a company like yours. And if you've got some specific KPIs in mind, we can add those to the mix, too. It's all about pinpointing the metrics that matter most to you.

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Report Migration

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There's often a need to migrate existing reports over to Power BI. We can decode the nitty-gritty of your current report and transform it into a sleek and efficient Power BI format. We'll also give your reports a little makeover for a cleaner, sharper look and incorporate some of Power BI's awesome features. Your old reports will not only transition to a new platform but also become more dynamic, interactive, and result-oriented.

IBCS Reporting with Zebra BI

Welcome to simplified business reporting with IBCS and Zebra BI! IBCS standards make complex reports easily digestible, providing a unified look for intuitive understanding. As partners with Zebra BI, we convert data into clear, actionable reports using their custom visuals for Power BI and an innovative Excel and PowerPoint add-in. No more daunting data; just meaningful stories that guide confident decision-making.

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Power Apps Implementation

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Data from the source system is never perfect or complete. That's where Power Apps comes in, enhancing your data entry experience. For instance, adding comments to your report results. This seemingly small action can have a big impact, transforming your report into a highly actionable resource. Power Apps is the perfect solution to enrich your data and optimize your reporting.

Development of Custom Visuals for Power BI

Our team of experts is dedicated to creating visuals that align seamlessly with your unique requirements. Whether you seek advanced charts, graphs, maps, or any other data visualization component, we have you covered. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your data.

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Training Opportunities

An important part of an IT project is that the users can use the tools which were implemented effectively. We specialize in delivering customized training programs that precisely cater to our client's specific needs.

Instructor-led or online Training


We offer instructor-led training which takes place either virtually or physically.
Our experienced BI Samurais provide training for the following products:

  • Power BI
  • Power Query
  • Power Pivot
  • Zebra BI (Power BI, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • PowerApps
  • SQL


With our mentoring service, you'll have your very own BI Samurai assigned to you. No more searching through the internet and risking inaccurate answers. Instead, simply reach out to your dedicated BI Samurai. Say goodbye to uncertainty and welcome the expertise of your trusted mentor.

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