HTML VizCreator Flex - CHANGELOG

We're always trying our best to give you the best experience with our custom visuals. We also take our client's feedback very seriously and love to hear ideas, on how we could improve our products. We are constantly working on new features to give you the best experience possible. Please don't hesitate to send us your feature requests. Also, please let us know if something doesn't work according to plan. Our support and development team is happy to help.

The HTML VizCreator Flex (old name: HTML & CSS Viewer) Visual for Power BI is our most powerful custom visual. Because of its flexibility, it can be used for many different use cases. This is also why we are constantly coming up with new improvements. On this page, we keep track of the changes and features.

HTML VizCreator Flex Power BI

New features:

  • Drill-down (incl. modern tooltip)

New features:

  • Licenses can be purchased from Microsoft AppSource directly

New features:

  • Copy/Paste: The user is able to select the content of the visual and copy it so it can be pasted into other tools.
  • Header placeholder added
  • Header options added
  • Tooltip functionality
  • Cross-Filter functionality
  • Sorting placeholder added
  • Changed design of the scroll bar

Bug fixes:

  • Hyperlinks were sometimes not working correctly
  • Some HTML list tags were not displayed correctly
  • Font size in lists could not be changed
  • details tag was not displayed correctly

The very first version of the HTML VizCreator Flex (old name: HTML & CSS Viewer) is live in AppSource.