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HTML Tables – The basics

Learn the basics of how to build an HTML table in Power BI


There are many use-cases for using our HTML visuals to build tables in Power BI. The obvious one would be to create the perfectly styled table but there's much more. Let's just look at all the great KPI cards that you can find in our sample reports. Technically, they are all tables. So what you will learn in this article can help in many scenarios. To see objects which were built using an HTML table, download and browse our sample report. Surely, you'll find many objects which might not look like a table but are actually based on exactly this technique.

Taking the sample report as a starting point also means that you don't need to write your code from scratch but copy-paste our code and adjust it to your needs.

This is where you can download the sample reports:

Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with having an understanding of the most important elements of an HTML table. So please take a look at the video below.

Also, take a look at this video where we show you how to build a table in Excel and then copy it to Power BI

Or this wide, where we create a progress bar and conditionally format it by combining DAX, HTML and CSS

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