Below you find the most frequently asked questions about the Bridger. This is a good starting point for information, but there are also other resources with more information.

One great way to getting started using the Bridger is by downloading the sample report.

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Specific Protocols

Learn how to use the Bridger for phone calls.

Learn how to use the Bridger for Emails.

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FAQ about the Bridger

No, the Bridger also works in other tools. Because we at BI Samurai are mainly implementing Power BI solutions for our clients, our main goal was to create a tool which helps Power BI users. But technically, the Bridger is not linked to Power BI at all.

Currently, the Bridger supports mailto and tel protocols. But of course, it could be enhanced with other protocols as well. If you would like us to add more protocols, simply reach out and we'll se what we can do.

The Bridger is currently not integrated into our shop system yet. To request a license, simply reach out to us via email to

The license key must be added to each instance where you use Bridger. To make this easier for you, it can be added in the data source, dataflow or measure. How to incorporate the license key is explained here:

  • Email
  • Phone Call

No, we don't get access to your database. But, technically, we can see the links that you have clicked. However this information is only used for trouble shooting and will not be used by us. Should this be a security concern for your organization please reach out to us to discuss in details. We can also delpoy a private version of the Bridger for you where we don't have access at all.

Yes. Emails and phone numbers are part of the URL.

If you use the free version of the Bridger or have entered an invalid/expired license key, there will be a website shown and the email or call will be started after a delay. 

If you use a valid license key, there won't be a website shown. Your browser might still open a blank new page. We can't avoid this for technical reasons. 

Yes. The redirecting protocol in the URL needs to be adjusted according to the chosen solution RedirectToTel or RedirectToMail

Once the email/phone link is executed you will be redirected to the website which will notify you that your license is not valid.

Once the email/phone link is executed you will be redirected to the website which will notify you that your license has expired.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed. You will receive emails about the process in due time.

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