Balance Sheet Visual for Power BI

Balance Sheet Visual

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The perfect visual to display Balance Sheet data in a way that everybody understands it.


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Each financial report in Power BI should display a Balance Sheet. This can be done in many different ways, using a bunch of different visuals. We didn’t particularly like any of the existing options and have therefore developed the Balance Sheet Visual. With the help of our visual, it’s extremely easy to display Balance Sheet data in Power BI in a way that every user understands it.

Get a free trial license and take the visual for a spin. No credit card is needed for the free trial.

The sample report below shows some of the functionality of the visual. This report can also be downloaded and adjusted to your needs.

Advantages of the Balance Sheet Visual:

  • Drill down into the details
  • Easily switch between absolute and relative values
  • Use custom colors
  • Much more….

Introduction to the Balance Sheet Visual for Power BI

The main goal of the Balance Sheet Visual is to display balance sheet data in a financial Power BI report so it is easy to understand by every user. On top of that, it’s also very easy for the developer to create a proper balance sheet.

The sample report below shows a couple of ways how the visual can display a balance sheet.

Taking the visual for a trial run can be done with a free trial for which no credit card is needed. A good starting point is to download the sample report and navigate through the examples.

The visual is Microsoft certified which means it is safe to use and can be exported to PDF and PowerPoint

The advantages of using the Balance Sheet Visual:

  • The end-user can drill-down into the details
  • The end-user can change between absolute and relative values or display both
  • A custom color schema can be used
  • There are many formatting options
  • Tooltips and drill-through can be used
  • It’s easy to use

What we offer:

Use the buttons in the report below to navigate between pages

This demo report can be downloaded from here.

This video shows the Balance Sheet visual in action.

Get the visual

The visual is available in Microsoft AppSource so it can be imported directly from there using Power BI Desktop. This article shows how that’s done. It can also be downloaded from here.