Category Comparison Bar Chart

Category Comparison Bar Chart

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The Category Comparison Bar Chart is a Power BI custom visual developed for every analyst and business who wants to present their data in unique ways. It comes bundled with the Multi Line Chart With Tooltips Power BI custom visual so you get the more value when you buy either visual. The visual has many features put together that no other visual has. All these features aim to help make the comparisons that offer more insights to make better decisions.

Sample Report

The comparison area is the space where you focus your analysis on one category
The differences show the comparison numbers to the selected category
The brush is a powerful feature that allows seeing the entire dataset you’re analyzing, for example, it helps to see if a distribution has a long tail or if it’s rather normally distributed. It also allows easy navigation if you want to focus on a subgroup of your data.
The analytics is the place where you supercharge your analysis with easy to add metrics like average, median, percentiles and constant lines that can be used as targets or goals. The search allows you to quickly find the category you want to compare


The visual was developed to offer more options for comparing data.
There’s currently no way to compare a category against others in Power BI without extensive work and combining multiple charts together.
That’s why, with the Category Comparison Bar Chart you can dynamically and quickly compare categories against each other. The comparison area, the differences, the brush, the search, and the analytics together all transform the simple bar chart in a powerful visualization never seen before.
And the visual only becomes better with every feature we’re adding to it.
Check out the sample report to learn more about the visual and see some examples of how it can be used.
Check out the upcoming feature releases in order to see what you should expect with the improvement of the visual.





We know the visual can do a few more important cool things. That’s why we’ve committed to add them in the next releases.


  • Small multiples – will allow you to elevate your comparing ability to the power of how many dimensions you have. Imagine comparing the performance of your unit across all units and all competitor’s units and with it’s own history. In one visual.
  • Your own measures in analytics – we know it’s probably an exaggeration, but it helps paint the picture – this will be what modding is to a game. It will allow you to write your own logic to the analysis.
  • Invert axis – seeing categories placed one on top of each other is simply nice to have and sometimes better to get the point across