BI Samurai - Showroom

In our Showroom, we are presenting some examples of our ideas and products. With various visualizations and tools, we aim to simplify your day-to-day activities as well as bring visibility and improve data-driven decision-making in your organization. All our solutions are easily customizable to meet your requirements and reflect your company. We combine passion with business to produce great results.

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Showroom samples using our custom visuals

Showroom-Action Tracker

Action Tracker

Great organizational skills can increase your efficiency at work! With this action tracker, we want to help you successfully manage your tasks.

Showroom-Bundesliga ranking table

Bundesliga ranking table

Power BI can also be used for non-business-topics. One of our Power BI experts saw a post about the Bundesliga ranking and simply recreated it.



Use the HTML VizCreator Cert visual to create pixel-perfect reports and export them to PDF. This is a great alternative to Paginated Reports.



Storytelling is essential when displaying complex data. With the HTML VizCreator, it is possible to create a custom visualization of nearly anyting.


Risk Matrix

Running a business also means being exposed to certain risks. Our visuals are great to create risk matrix tables.

Showroom-Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan

This time we want to show you that Power BI can bring value not only in corporate life and business. It can help you manage your usual weekly routines.

Showroom-Student attendence record

Student Attendance Record

This visualization was created with the HTML VizCreator for Power BI during a meetup presentation at Akademie St. Gallen.

Showroom-Customer bar chart

Custom Bar Charts

Bar charts are great to present categorical data. With the HTML VizCreator you can overcome the limitations of the core bar chart.

Showroom-Football player cart

Football Player Card

Just another fun example that was built by a football enthusiast on our team. Surely, the same technique could be adjusted to other scenarios.

Other Power BI showroom samples

Showroom-Sales Flash

Sales Flash

The Daily Sales Flash Power BI dashboard features a number of neat little tricks to allow users to get a clear view of their data on a daily basis.

Showroom-Price-Volume-Mix Analysis

Price-Volume-Mix Analysis

This Power BI example explains the reasons behind the revenue growth and presents top contributors for each category such as price, volume.

Showroom-Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline

The Sales Funnel template for Power BI lets you display your most important KPIs on one page. Additionally, it helps you track conversions.

Showroom-Financial Reporting with Zebra BI

Financial Reporting with Zebra BI

This Power BI template is designed to help you make an actionable overview of financials for the management.

Showroom-HR Reporting with Zebra BI-2

HR Reporting with Zebra BI

The Human Resources Power BI dashboard allows users to get a clear overview of the company's HR data.

Showroom-Working Capital Analysis

Working Capital Analysis

The Working Capital template for Power BI allows you to have a clear overview of Assets, Liabilities etc. 

Showroom-Financial Statements with Zebra BI

Financial Statements with Zebra BI

This Power BI template is designed to help you structure, create, and design a user-friendly Income Statement.

Showroom-Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

This Power BI template is designed to help you make an actionable Sales Dashboard. It includes all the essential elements.