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Balance Sheet Difference

A Balance Sheet should always be balanced. Depending on the data source or other reasons, this might not be the case. The Balance Sheet Visual for Power BI can take care of this difference.


In case you have an unbalance balance sheet, simply turn on the Difference in the format settings and the visual will show an additional bar. It is also possible to define a threshold amount so the additional bar is only shown when the value is above the defined value. Of course, the name of the additional bar, the color and font can also be individually formatted.

This setting is only available with an active license. You can get a free trial license from here.

The sample report below is a collection of all of the features of the Balance Sheet Visual for Power BI.

Now that your balance sheet is balanced, you might want to turn off the total.

Or if you have corporate design rules so you are asked to use company-specific colors or fonts.

If there's a setting that we haven't thought of yet or if you would like to request an additional feature, simply reach out to We're always on the lookout to improve our visuals and to hear the user's requirements is important to us. Also, if you like working with our visual, your feedback and rating on Microsoft AppSource would be highly appreciated.