Custom Bar Charts

Bar charts are great to present and compare categorical data. Power BI comes with a couple of native bar chart visuals with many formatting options. But what if you want to have a bar chart visualization that can't be done with native functionality? Well, then it's time to use one of our HTML VizCreator custom visuals. They allow you to format any element of a bar chart exactly the way you like.

This can be done by just using HTML (in case you are using the Microsoft certified HTML VizCreator Cert visual) or also with SVG (this only works with the HTML VizCreator Flex).

The report below contains a couple of pages with different bar chart examples. The DAX/HTML used to create these charts can be adjusted to also work with your data model. If you need support with that or you need help creating a specific bar chart, just reach out to our support, we're happy to help.