HTML VizCreator Flex visual for Power BI (old name: HTML & CSS Viewer)

HTML VizCreator Flex Power BI

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The HTML VizCreator Flex visual is an extremely powerful visual because it can be used for nearly anything. Being able to combine DAX and HTML allows the user to create elements that seemed impossible in Power BI until now. With this visual, Power BI developers no longer need to say no to specific requirements from users. It is now possible to create all those very specific elements. At BI Samurai, we understand that it might take some time to get started with the visual. This is why we are more than happy to help you. A good starting point are our sample reports.  Download them and see if there’s a similar element to the one you want to create. If yes, simply copy and paste the code into your report and make adjustments. Otherwise, visit our knowledge base to learn how to use the visual or let one of our experts create the visual you want for you.

Some of the most popular use cases for the HTML VizCreator Flex visual are:

  • Create your very own custom visualization
  • Design custom KPI cards
  • Customize Tables
  • Embed videos
  • Add dynamic SVG images or animations
  • do much more…

The visual is available in Microsoft AppSource and can be imported directly from Power BI Desktop.


Why HTML in Power BI?

The HTML VizCreator Flex is one of the most powerful and versatile custom visuals in the market. It can render HTML, CSS and SVG code which means it can be used to create nearly any kind of visualization element. Combine this with the power of DAX and you can create some amazing storytelling elements or simply exactly the one thing you wanted to always have in your report.

We offer free trial licenses for which no credit card is required. In the trial period, you get full access to all features of the visual as well as free support to help you get started.

Navigate through the sample report below or download it to see the visual in action and be inspired.

What the HTML VizCreator Flex visual can add to your report:

  • Your very own custom visualization
  • Fully customized KPI cards
  • Fully customized tables
  • Videos
  • Dynamic SVG images or animations
  • All the elements you always wanted to have…
  • Much more….

The advantages of using the HTML VizCreator Flex in Power BI:


Navigate through the sample report below to see different elements that were all created with the HTML VizCreator Flex

This demo report can be downloaded from here. In case you want to create a similar element, there’s no need to create the code yourself. Just use the DAX measures from the sample report and adjust them.

Get the visual

The visual is available in Microsoft AppSource so it can be imported directly from there using Power BI Desktop. This article shows how that’s done. It can also be downloaded from here.

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