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The Multi Line Chart With Tooltips is a Power BI custom visual developed for every analyst and business who wants to present their data in unique ways. It comes bundled with the Category Comparison Bar Chart Power BI custom visual so you get more value when you buy either visual. The visual has many features put together that no other visual has. All these features aim to help make comparisons that offer more insights to make better decisions.

Sample Report

The card is the space where your categories are sorted in a tabular format. It also allows comparing 2 categories between themselves
The stick gives you quick YoY, MoM, YTD and MTD calculations
Sorting, highlighting, filtering the categories is easy and make the visual more intuitive and easy to read
Data labels, series labels and multiple measures as values offer more insights into your data and give you more options for analysis

There are hundreds of use cases for the Multi Line Chart with Tooltips. For example, it can be used for:

Comparing stock performance over time
Comparing financials over time
Comparing any type of data over time, really 🙂


The visual was developed to offer more options for comparing data.

There’s currently no good way to compare categories over time in Power BI. Time series data is usually best visualized with line charts but there’s no line chart visual that handles multiple categories well.

That’s why, with the Multi Line Chart With Tooltips you can dynamically and quickly compare categories against each other. The card, stick, dynamic sorting highlighting and filtering together all transform the simple line chart in a powerful visualization never seen before.

And the visual only becomes better with every feature we’re adding to it. Check out the sample report to learn more about the visual and see some examples of how it can be used.
Check out the upcoming feature releases in order to see what you should expect with the improvement of the visual.



We know the visual can do a few more important cool things. That’s why we’ve committed to add them in the next releases.

  • More options on the X axis – the goal is to have any sortable series work on the X axis. That includes numbers, hours, datetime
  • Small multiples – when having all categories on top of each other is too much
  • Grouping – this, together with small multiples, adds so much more. Imagine comparing the performance of stocks grouped by industry. In one visual.
  • Legend & multiple values – we will figure out how to show multiple dimensions for the categories you want to analyze. For example, showing revenues, expenses and gross profits of multiple companies at once.
  • Settings on the visual – to give viewers the ability to add / remove the cards and change some settings.