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Hyperlinks that allow you to send emails and make phone calls directly from Power BI

The Bridger is designed for you to enhance Power BI reports by integrating links that allow users to make phone calls or send emails directly from the report. The Bridger links trigger a function that redirects the https links to mailto or tel protocols which are otherwise blocked by Power BI. Thus with the Bridger, we offer you a bridge solution to establish a seamless connection between Power BI and other software (Skype, Teams, Outlook etc.).

Adding mailto and tel hyperlinks to Power BI reports gives you the possibility to quickly execute the desired action with just one click.

You can also use our HTML VizCreator visuals to bring links to life and display them in various ways considering that the native Power BI visuals for hyperlinks are very limited. Download our demo report or click through the embedded report below to try the Bridger yourself. It contains many different examples to get you started.

We offer free trial licenses for which no credit card is required. In the trial period, you get full access to all features and functionalities.

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