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Let the world be your oyster

The HTML VizCreator Cert visual is an extremely powerful visual because it can be used for nearly anything. Being able to combine DAX and HTML allows the user to create elements that seemed impossible in Power BI until now. With this visual, Power BI developers no longer need to say no to specific requirements from users. It is now possible to create all those very specific elements.

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KPI Cards

KPI Cards







Bar Charts

Bar Charts



And much more...

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At BI Samurai, we understand that it might take some time to get started with the visual. This is why we are more than happy to help you.

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New to HTML? We’ve got you covered.

With the help of our HTML Editor and Image/GIF converter you require very limited HTML knowledge.

Why HTML in Power BI?

Advantages of HTML VizCreator Cert visual

  • One visual to solve many problems.
  • The combination of DAX and HTML lets you do powerful stuff.
  • The visual is Microsoft certified so it is safe to use and exporting to PDF and PowerPoint is possible.
  • It’s fun to use 😀

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Fernan Espejo

The most flexible HTML custom visual I've ever seen

The default visuals in Power BI have a lot formatting limitations and if you know a little bit about HTML, this custom visual provides a lot of cool ways to create your own custom HTML visual! I'm currently trying to create a HTML table here to replace the default ones as it gives me so much control over the visual presentation and so far it's been a great experience. If you know or have worked with HTML in the past, definitely get this visual.

A must use visual

This visual must be a compulsory visual and must be pinned to your native visual. Makes your report come alive by giving flexibility and more options in your report.

Ebenezer S. Adu
Brian Julius

The Do-Everything Visual!

This is the certified version of the HTML VizCreator visuals that has become one of my go-to custom visuals. The flexibility of this visual is incredible, and with the free tools, templates and videos that BI Samurai provides, you barely have to know any HTML . The customer support is top-notch too. Highly recommended!

Microsoft Certified Visual

This visual opens up so many doors. The combination of HTML and DAX lets me create very advanced KPI cards, tables and dynamic text boxes. And since the visual is Microsoft certified, I can also export reports to PDF and send them via subscriptions.

Tracy Fitzgerald

Excellent tool with Exceptional Support!

This tool has been a fantastic addition to our reporting suite. The tool is very easy to use. The support from BI Samurai has been amazing and it is really appreciated. I would highly recommend this.

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HTML VizCreator Cert Pricing

All users that view or create reports that contain our visuals must be licensed - BI Samurai does not differentiate between report developers/designers and viewers from a licensing point of view.

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Up to 10 Users

USD 179 / year

Up to 25 Users

USD 349 / year

Up to 50 Users

USD 659 / year

Up to 100 Users

USD 1'109 / year

Up to 200 Users

USD 1'609 / year

Up to 500 Users

USD 3'019 / year

Unlimited Users

USD 5'019 / year