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Moving Text – Live Ticker – Marquee

Up until now, elements in Power BI Reports didn't move. In most cases, this is perfectly fine. But sometimes you might want to add a live ticker or just some moving text or image to get the user's attention. This can be done with the help of the HTML marquee statement.

With the marquee statement, you can define the scroll direction, speed, number of times the text should move over the screen, and many other settings. Of course, you still have full flexibility when it comes to formatting.

On top of that, marquee also works for other objects so you can also let an image move across your screen.

In the sample report below, you can find 2 elements showing stock prices. This is something that we have actually integrated into a real report. Below that is the word "Text" moving across the visual in different ways. Just download the sample report to see the HTML code behind each element and you will see, that the code is actually very short and simple.

You should be able to adjust it to your needs, combine different elements and add it to your report. If this doesn't work out, simply get in touch and we'll help you out.

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