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Balance Sheet Totals/Subtotals

Another useful feature in the Power BI Balance Sheet Visual is hiding/showing totals and subtotals.

This is great if you want a quick glance at the totals of your balance sheet or the subtotals of the individual sections.

How to do it

On the Balance Sheet Visual, navigate to format options available for the visual in the visualizations panel. Scroll through the options until you find the total option. Just switch the feature on to make the total visible on top of the bars.

You can also hide the total by disabling the feature from the format options.

Similarly, you can choose to show or hide the subtotal for the subcategories, by enabling the subtotals option available in the format options.

These settings are only available with an active license. You can get a free trial license from here to test the full functionality of the visual.

There are many other settings available that allow you to format the visual exactly the way you like. In case your balance sheet is not balanced, you might want to learn how to automatically calculate and add a bar for the difference.

Or if you have corporate design rules so you are asked to use company-specific colors or fonts.

If there's a setting that we haven't thought of yet or if you would like to request an additional feature, simply reach out to We're always on the lookout to improve our visuals and hearing the user's requirements is important to us. Also, if you like working with our visuals, your feedback and rating on Microsoft AppSource would be highly appreciated.