HTML VizCreator – The best visuals for Power BI

Learn why the HTML VizCreator Visuals for Power BI stand out as a pinnacle of innovation and functionality. Tailored for those seeking the “Best Power BI visual” this blog delves into the reasons that elevate the HTML VizCreator Visuals to an unparalleled status.


Revolutionizing Power BI with Flexibility:

The HTML VizCreator Visuals transcend traditional visualization limits, allowing users to combine DAX and HTML for creating previously unimaginable elements in Power BI. This blend empowers developers to meet specific user requirements with unprecedented precision.
Diverse Applications for Enhanced Analytics: From intricately customized Excel-like tables and KPI cards to dynamic text displays and engaging animated GIFs, the HTML VizCreator Visuals adapt to varied use cases, ensuring that every report is as unique as the data it represents.

Advanced Visualisation and Storytelling:

Empowering Storytelling with Data: The ability to render HTML code, combined with DAX, unlocks creative storytelling possibilities with nearly endless possibilities. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of reports but also enriches the narrative behind the data.

Certified Reliability and Security:

With its Microsoft certification, the HTML VizCreator Cert assures users of its safety and reliability, extending its utility with features like exporting to PDF and PowerPoint, integral for professional presentations and reports.

Inclusive and Supportive User Experience:

At BI Samurai, the ethos revolves around user support and empowerment. From providing support, an exhaustive online knowledge base, to offering free demo sessions, the commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement of the visual is evident.

No HTML Knowledge Required:

The HTML VizCreator visuals can easily be used by people without any  HTML expertise. The HTML code can simply be created by our online HTML Editor or even Excel (See our Knowledge Base and YouTube channel to learn how to do that). Also, the BI Samurai team and its partners stand ready to offer support, ensuring that every user can harness the full potential of these powerful visuals.


The HTML VizCreator Visuals aren’t just a tool; They are a gateway to a world where data stories come alive. Whether you’re a seasoned Power BI professional or just starting, these visuals offer a combination of flexibility, power, and user-centric design, making it an indispensable asset in your data visualization toolkit. Get started by downloading our sample reports and getting an idea of the countless use cases.

Sample Reports:

Use the navigation elements in the below sample reports to see what you can use the HTML VizCreator visuals for. And remember, there are countless other things they can be used for.

HTML VizCreator Cert:

HTML VizCreator Flex: