Report creation

Connecting Power BI to Microsoft Dynamics/NAV

By BI Samurai | 19 February 2022

Today, businesses don’t need additional data, they need to make better use of the data they already have. Yet, despite storing tons of data, corporations […]

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Power BI Smiley Emoji

Dynamic Smiley Face Emojis in Power BI

By BI Samurai | 17 February 2022

Recently, I came across a LinkedIn post about an “Emoji Progress Chart” made with Qlik. Many people had already added comments to the post so […]

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Power BI Help!

By BI Samurai | 28 May 2020

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence (BI) tool. This means that the recipients of a report can navigate, filter, and analyze it themself. Of […]

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Why (almost) every Power BI report needs a date table?

By BI Samurai | 16 April 2020

It happens too often that Power BI reports show incorrect values ​​or don’t work at all due to a missing date table. This article is […]

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