Microsoft Certificate for the HTML VizCreator Cert

The HTML VizCreator Cert Visual is now certified by Microsoft. This is one of the most important milestones for any Power BI Visual.

HTML VizCreator Cert

The Microsoft certification allows the visual to be exported to PDF and PowerPoint directly from the Power BI Service.

This is possible because the Microsoft Power BI team has reviewed the source code and confirmed that the visual is safe to use. Certified visuals are tested to verify that they don’t access external services or resources, and that they follow secure coding patterns and guidelines. Having proof that a visual is safe to use makes it much more accessible for larger organizations that have internal rules about which visuals can be used.

Once a Power BI visual is certified, it offers more features. For example, you can export to PDF or PowerPoint, or display the visual in received emails, when a user subscribes to the report. How these features work is explained in our Knowledge Base.

Getting the certification badge from Microsoft has been an important goal from the beginning and we are very proud that we have received it. Certified visuals can be recognized by the star icon which is displayed next to the visual in AppSource. You can read more about the certification process here.

The HTML VizCreator Cert can be downloaded directly from Microsoft AppSource. To make use of all features of the visual, make sure to sign up for a free trial license.

Also, visit the Knowledge Base where you can find out how to use the visual and download sample reports. This will make getting started with the visual a piece of cake. If you would like us to give you a general demo of the visual or to show you something specific, simply book a free demo session.

By the way, we offer free support to subscribers with an active license.