Why BI Samurais work from home

We always had a work-from-home policy


At BI Samurai, we didn’t start working from home when Covid hit. Our work-from-home policy has been in place from the day we started the company. So, when the rest of the world, all of a sudden, needed to, work from home, we already had everything set up and could continue as usual.

For us, working from home is incredibly beneficial for numerous reasons. Studies have shown that employees who are allowed to work from home have more peace of mind, energy and even become more productive. We’d agree with these studies 100%!

Here are the top benefits of working from home and how they could impact you when you begin to work with our company.

Improved Work-Life Balance


In regular work positions, you have to commute to work and back home. When working from home, you only need to commute from the bedroom (via bathroom and kitchen) to the home office 😀. Eliminating your commute is an excellent move for you as an employee. Studies linked longer commutes to poor job satisfaction, mental health, and stress.

More so than that, not having to commute to work will also keep you safer because you can avoid traffic. For people who used to commute multiple hours in a day or week, working from home will give you significant time back and a better work-life balance.

At BI Samurai, we work with clients in different time zones. This means that sometimes, we work early in the morning or late in the evening. Doing this from an office could be quite challenging. But when working from home, we can simply have a long lunch break and get back to work when we feel like it or when our clients need us. Also, not everybody is productive at the same time. We have morning people that are nearly done with everything in the early afternoon and then again, others only get productive in the afternoon. We leave it up to everybody to work when they want. As long as the job gets done. That simply makes sense, no?

Customizable Office and Workspace


Working from home allows you to customize your workspace. Unlike at an office, you can choose what your home office looks like and purchase the work supplies you need. This contributes to more productivity and, overall, more positivity.

With a home office, you can purchase an ergonomic chair to make your workdays comfortable, use your special equipment to be more productive, and add your personality to your workspace.

Some of the BI Samurais have quite a “crazy” setup with all sorts of gadgets to make their work more productive.

These are some of the gadgets that we highly recommend:

  • Elgato Stream Deck: You don’t have to be a streamer to make use of the Stream Deck. Every button can be programmed to do whatever you want. We could write an article, just about this fantastic product, but instead, we’ll just leave a link to a video that explains how to use the Stream Deck with Power BI.
  • Asus ZenScreen: Yes, we work from home most of the time. And there, good screens are a must-have. But sometimes, we also travel for work and don’t just want to rely on the small notebook screen. This is where these ultralight portable screens come into play. They make working when traveling so much more productive.

In this post, some of the gadgets of BI Samurai Pascal can be seen. In the meantime, there’s even more…

Easy to Keep Track of Communication


It can be challenging in an office to remember everything you need to complete, due to all the informal transfer of information during coffee breaks lunch meetings, etc. However, it is easier to remember in writing, emails, or messaging. It is all kept in the same place, making it more organized. This might not really sound like an advantage, but when working on several projects at the same time, being organized is crucial.

This means that our clients don’t mind that we work from home. Since we’ve done it for many years, we are extremely well organized.

And of course, we’re always happy to visit our clients when needed.

Is Working from Home for You?


For us, it’s a yes! We love it! But it’s not for everybody. Covid led to a situation where people didn’t have the choice anymore and were forced to work from home. We’re happy that we didn’t have to go through this transition but just continued working like before.

If you are a BI expert and appreciate the freedom of working from home, get in touch, we’re always looking for talents that can join our team. We might have the right BI Samurai job for you. Apply today and reclaim your work-life balance!