Connecting Power BI to Microsoft Dynamics/NAV

Today, businesses don’t need additional data, they need to make better use of the data they already have. Yet, despite storing tons of data, corporations struggle to access, organize, and analyze their data for insights and strategic decision-making. This may cause expensive blind spots and uncertainty — not to mention frustration and confusion.

One commonly used tool that stores a lot of valuable data which is seldomly used to its full potential is Microsoft Dynamics (Navision / Business Central)

We have a couple of BI Samurais that have been working with data from Dynamics BC/NAV on numerous Power BI projects and know exactly how to connect to the data and where to find interesting insights.

Power BI is an interactive data visualization tool that may be leveraged to arrange and visualize a company’s KPIs. Power BI is a great tool for generating reports and analyzing data from a wide range of sources, including Dynamics BC/NAV. We’ll first import data from Dynamics BC/NAV and then create a state-of-the-art report that doesn’t leave any questions unanswered.

Connecting Dynamics BC/NAV to Power BI is simple, but a full implementation, and additional necessary user adoption, is usually a challenge. It’s not only your Dynamics BC/NAV data that are required for the insights that you need as you would like insights cross-team and cross-functional. We’ll also help you to add data from additional sources into Power BI so you are able to see the full picture of how the business is doing.

This way, you can have a high-level summary and also the possibility to drill deep into the details. Forget about all your Excel files and simply have one report that contains the single source of truth and all the visualizations and details that you need.

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics but are not sure if you are using all its data the right way? Get in touch with BI Samurai and we’ll let you schedule a free meeting with one of our experts.

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