Power BI Embedded

At BI Samurai, we believe that Microsoft's Power BI Embedded is the future of analytics.

We have implemented Power BI Embedded solutions before, but only recently decided to focus more on it. To kick things off, Vlad and Pascal have spent an entire week together at Cluj Hub Co-working and focused solely on Power BI Embedded topics.

Vlad and Pascal after celebrating a great week at Cluj Hub Co-working

During this "power week", many interesting discussions took place and even more time was spent developing and coding.

In the meantime, we have expanded our team with programmers, UI/UX designers and BI experts.

What is Power BI Embedded, and what are its key features?

Power BI Embedded is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) service that lets you embed interactive data visualizations and reports into applications, apps, software and websites. It can be used for highly complex analytics but it can also serve in simple ways by just adding a table with real-time data to a website.

Power BI Embedded is running on the same infrastructure as "normal" Power BI, which means we can rely on Microsoft technology which allows us to have fast reports, full control over security and continuous improvements and updates.

Usually, operational and BI systems are not integrated. This means that users are working in one system and then see the result of their work in a different system.

With Power BI Embedded, we can bring in-context-analytics to where it is needed. Having analytics integrated into an app or software means that users can make decisions based on facts instead of opinions by having the right data displayed exactly where it's needed. With this, there's no more need to switch to another app.

But that's not all, Power BI Embedded doesn't just show fancy charts and visuals. It can be fully integrated into any software, meaning that Power BI knows when a user navigates, clicks or filters within the tool and can then display the corresponding analytics. The possibilities are nearly endless.

With the integration of write-back functionality, it's not only possible to display data but to also add or modify existing data if needed.

Power BI Embedded can be used internally, but it can also be integrated into customer-facing apps or websites.

How can you use Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded solutions come in all forms and sizes.

Some simple examples:

Wouldn't it be great if your clients or suppliers could log in to an online portal on your website to see all their orders, open invoices, deliveries, or other information? Of course, they could also place orders, change master data and open a support case, directly from within this portal.

Or, wouldn't it be great if your employees could log in to an internal app and see their expenses, download salary statements and update their address or marital status?

If your company develops its own software/app: Using Microsoft-backed analytics allows you to rely on proven technology without the need to develop your own solution. Integrating Power BI Embedded will take away a lot of stress when adding data to an app.

All other companies: As described above, there are endless use-cases. From a simple website for external or internal users to a highly sophisticated web portal, Power BI Embedded is a great choice.

Let us inspire you by showing you some of our previous work. We're happy to give a Power BI Embedded demo free of charge.

BI Samurai's Power BI Embedded services

BI Samurai offers the full range of Power BI Embedded implementation services. We have a team of Power BI experts, programmers, and designers that can create the perfect solution for you.