Zebra BI for Power BI Training

Zebra BI for Power BI

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Learn Zebra BI for Power BI from true experts

Our Zebra BI for Power BI training offers a unique opportunity to leverage the advanced capabilities of Zebra BI, custom visuals designed to enhance the Power BI experience significantly. As a close partner of Zebra BI, we have years of experience in implementing their visuals for clients across various industries. This hands-on training contains many real-life examples that will inspire you.

Date: 22.05.2024
Time: 13:00 – 17:00 (UTC+1)
Where: Online/Virtual
Attendees: Max. 8

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Key Highlights:

  • Learn from the best: We have implemented Zebra BI for Power BI for dozens of clients and trained hundreds of people in Power BI. Combine that and you get the best Zebra BI training including many examples from real projects. There’s nothing we haven’t done yet when it comes to Zebra BI in Power BI.
  • Hands-on training:  We will show a few slides and discuss some general concepts but a big part of this training is a hands-on workshop where you will build a Power BI report using Zebra BI custom visuals.
  • Deeper Insights: Zebra BI visuals go beyond standard Power BI options, allowing for more understandable and actionable visualizations of complex business data. This helps in not just showing what is happening in your data, but also explaining why it’s happening.
  • Efficiency in Reporting: With Zebra BI, the creation of Power BI reports becomes significantly faster. Its automatic calculation of business categories, like year-over-year variances, simplifies data models, making reports more flexible and easier to maintain.
  • Consistency in Reports: Zebra BI is based on IBCS (International Business Communication Standards), ensuring a consistent design across reports. This uniformity is crucial for easy understanding and interpretation of reports.
  • Advanced Features: Zebra BI visuals include features like automated variance calculations, advanced chart types, small multiples, annotation/commenting and many more.


  • Introduction to Zebra BI: The basics of the Zebra BI visuals, their purpose, and how they enhance Power BI reports.
  • Zebra BI Interface: A quick walkthrough of the Zebra BI interface within Power BI, focusing on key features and how to use them.
  • Creating Advanced Visualizations: Demonstrating the creation of various chart types unique to Zebra BI.
  • Interactive Reporting Design: Guiding participants on how to design interactive and engaging reports using Zebra BI visuals.
  • Data Analysis: Explaining how to use Zebra BI for deeper insights into data.
  • Commenting/Annotation: Adding quantitative comments to reports to explain the shown values.
  • Real-world Application Scenarios: Real-world case studies and examples where Zebra BI visuals have been effectively utilized.
  • Q&A and Best Practices: Q&A session, addressing specific queries and sharing best practices for using Zebra BI in business reporting

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your Power BI visualization skills and create impactful reports. Secure your spot now and gain the expertise needed to make your data work for you!