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Not sure if Embedsy is for you?

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Not sure if Embedsy is for you?

Not sure if Embedsy is for you?
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How it works?

Embedsy was created by data professionals for data professionals. We understand how difficult it gets to retain clients in this business or have Unique Selling Points to offer "something more" than others.

We simply asked the business community what they'd expect from their data experts that they don't have. Their answers is what made Embedsy.

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Meet Embedsy

  • Secure
    User-based level access secured with Microsoft Entra.
  • responsive
    Built with Next.js to guarantee top performance on any device.
  • Customizable
    Personalize the experience to make Embedsy a white label platform.
  • Cost-effective
    Utilize existing Fabric Capacity and save on license fees for end-users.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, in most cases, a Microsoft Fabric Capacity will be enough. Which one it is depends on the specific case. We will always try to keep Microsoft licensing costs at the minimum. Connect with us and speak to an expert to find out the best option for your case.

Basically, we follow a per user pricing model and have our pricing published on the website. Due to the nature of this business, use-cases can be very different and therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your case and potential difference in pricing.

Since setting up Embedsy for you is a pretty complex and time-consuming assignment, due to high level of personalization, it's difficult to offer free trials. But we have ways to let you test your market first before committing to our solution. Contact us if you'd like to discuss your options.

No, End-Users don’t require a Power BI license.

Power BI Embedded as well as Embedsy offer robust security features including Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication, report and row-level security, and the ability to implement application-level security measures. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, ensuring that reports and dashboards are secure.

Yes, you are able to customize the look and feel of the portal, and reports to match your design branding. We have created an easy to use admin portal with many settings related to look and feel to provide a seamless user experience.

Nearly all source system, both cloud and on-premises can be used. The following link shows a list of standard connectors, please note that if a system is not listed, it doesn’t mean we can’t load the data. Reach out to us to find out if data can be loaded from a specific system. Data connectors in Power Query

At Embedsy.io, we strive to create a portal that fulfils all your needs. Please describe the feature you would like to have in a couple of sentences, create a mock-up or sceenshots if possible and send it over to us. We will screen it and set up a meeting with you to discuss the feasibility.

This is up to you. When your environment is set up, a Microsoft data center location must be selected. Since they exist all over the world, it shouldn’t be a problem selecting one that is close to you and fullfills all your data governance needs. List of Microsoft Fabric regions

Yes, due to our partnership with BI Samurai, we can give you access to the Power BI Control Room that allows you to monitor everything that is happening in your Tenant.

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For smaller teams
1 to 10 users
€5/ month
11 to 50 users
€4/ month


51 to 200 users
€3/ month


+200 users
Let's Talk
we also charge a one-time €3000 setup fee
(€500 for configuring a fully functional demo, €2500 to launch the platform in the production environment)

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